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Indra Cooper
Indra has studied Ghosh Lineage Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga with many teachers. Her primary Hatha yoga teacher is Tony Sanchez. Her Ashtanga teacher and mentor is David Swenson. She looks forward to deepening her Ashtanga practice and study with David Robson this summer at Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Toronto. She also practices and teaches Yin/Yang (the quiet practice) which she studied with Bernie Clark.
Indra feels very fortunate and blessed to learn from her teachers and to have the opportunity to share yoga with others.
Indra is also very grateful to the dedicated yoga teachers who teach at Yoga Shala Caledon and help create the beautiful yoga community at our Shala. 
Fortunata McConkey
Fortunata is certified hatha yoga instructor. She obtained her RYT500 level certification with Susie Dias at East to West Yoga and Pilates Studio in Toronto in 2008. In 2011 she completed her yoga therapist certification with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy in Calgary, and now teaches group therapeutic yoga classes and private therapeutic sessions to individuals.  She also teaches Ashtanga Yoga and her primary Ashtanga teacher is Dave Robson of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Toronto. Fortunata feels blessed to be able to pursue her true passion and to assist others on their yoga journey. 
Fortunata is a raw food enthusiast studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and will receive her Certification as Holistic Health Practitioner in the Fall of 2014. Find out what she is UnCooking in her kitchen at
Grant Hutchinson
Grant began a formal meditation practice at Theravadin and Zen Buddhist practice centres while traveling in South and South-East Asia in 2004-5. Since returning to Toronto, he has been studying the dharma with Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity in Toronto and teaching yoga. He has practiced at the Forest Refuge in Massachusetts and was a resident at Tassajara Zen Mountain Centre from the Spring of 2012 until December 2013.
Susan Richardson
I teach mindful movement inspired by almost two decades of practicing the teachings of BKS Iyengar. For me, yoga is the attempt to find deep presence in moment-to-moment breath, movement and thought. In my teaching, I encourage students to connect to their understanding of their body and to explore a broad range of yoga postures in a creative way.
May Lively
Yoga is a “PLUS” for May
Perseverance:  May began yoga in 2005, and has been practicing it ever since. She enjoys working with a simple and focused mind and over the years has been amazed by the wisdom revealed by the combined mental and physical practice.
Learning:  May’s principle is to keep learning. The pursuit of knowledge has motivated her to complete Bikram Yoga College of India’s Teacher Training program, as well as diving deep into the knowledge and philosophies of Hatha Yoga. She has also studied anatomy to learn about injury prevention, alignment and proper adjustments. 

Union: May loves the beauty of nature. Yoga enables her to see how we are connected and united with the universe, the earth and other creatures. With love and respect, she believes we will find harmony and peace.

Sharing: Sharing is a heart warming gift. May feels blessed to share her yoga experience and knowledge with other people, and hopes to provide inspiration on the yoga path!


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